Sunday, 24 March 2013


 photo 01_FLOWER_zpsd5c05457.jpg  photo 08_FLOWER_zps332d7d4e.jpg  photo 10_FLOWER_zps3040d28a.jpg  photo 03_FLOWER_zps4d55fce7.jpg  photo 07_FLOWER_zps455d16ba.jpg  photo 02_FLOWER_zps54ff82d0.jpg  photo 12_FLOWER_zpsac41ae0a.jpg  photo 14_FLOWER_zps381367bc.jpg  photo 04_FLOWER_zpsb44dbc3c.jpg  photo 13_FLOWER_zps3f7a3f80.jpg  photo 09_FLOWER_zps0fc4d599.jpg
It’s quite ridiculous to think of how many insanely talented and goodlooking friends I have.  
Like, really? Really. I’m not trying to be all snobby and whatever, im just trying to convey my sheer good luck.
This shoot was a collaboration with just a few of many creative friends of mine. 
We all also so happened to be sporting candy coloured hair. (Myself having only recently gone from a brunette to all over lilac coloured head)
So who’s, who?
We have Naomi Ulbricht (make-up artist) who made these pretty faces, fantastic.
Esther Neyenhuys (florist/model) who not only modelled her sensational troll doll orange and yellow hair, but provided the prettiest flowers you ever did see.
Jess Didonato (hairdresser/model) who made the delicious candy coloured heads of hair.
Cheryl Stevenson (model/mermaid) providing her extreme good looks.


Sunday, 17 March 2013


 photo 08_YAN_zpse393af47.jpg  photo YANYAN_zpsb4aae040.jpg  photo 20_YAN_zpsaf80d291.jpg  photo 09_YAN_zps81a4d42f.jpg  photo 19_YAN_zpsab808195.jpg
 photo 02_YAN_zpsaa583896.jpg  photo 18_YAN_zps38ef21d2.jpg
 photo 11_YAN_zpsbae2573d.jpg
 photo 04_YANN_zps0cbc96c2.jpg  photo 14_YAN_zps2b4c09dd.jpg
 photo 25_YAN_zpsc00f2071.jpg  photo 27_YAN_zps81d258d8.jpg  photo HAAAAA_zpsaba17e78.jpg
 photo 12_YAN_zps7d196325.jpg  photo 13_YAN_zpsd74198d7.jpg
 photo 26_YAN_zpsa04b6d20.jpg
 photo 07_YAN_zps29b9e014.jpg  photo 16_YAN_zpsa4175e78.jpg

Yan Yan C wears Lola vs Harper Jackets
+ black & white buttoned up shirt.
Mickey Mouse Shirt (I DIE) 
Yan purchased at Tokyo Disneyland.

Those cheesy bacon balls of goodness were real and yes, we did eat almost all of them. 
Where could I possibly begin to describe the likes of Yan? 
She somehow combines the cuteness factor with an edge of rawness that I had the pleasure of shooting. We had so much fun! (cue cheesiness, cue pun in reference to the cheesy bacon balls) Yan is effortless, like, really. You only have to scroll up and down these images to want to either be exactly like her and/or to become the best of friends with, kicking back on a derelict graffiti roof eating chips.
I haven’t even got to the best part yet.
Yan is a fashion blogger who wears clothes I wish I could spend every cent on, but for now, just drool over. You must follow her, here –

Who is that boy? You may perhaps be wondering. Joel is Yan's boyfriend and was there to keep us company and i thought heck, why not join in on all the cheesy fun. *snaps*

Special thanks to Kirsten for the use of her loft and rooftop!