Tuesday, 29 October 2013


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"What about the idea that you have never in your whole life heard, felt, loved.
What if that is why you can't sleep, are tender to the light, the dark. 
So quick to fashion knives with your teeth.
What if the pain of being on fire since you were born has convinced you life is a drowning.
What if the scar running across your eyes forever sees nothing in everything.

Why are you so tender.

What is underneath your skin."

This sunshine soul is a new face to The Wolves Agency.
They requested Sarah to wear minimal to no make-up, quote; "She's so strikingly beautiful so we would like her to be shot raw and fresh faced."

Sarah has such dreamlike qualities about her.
She possess this quiet strength, the definition of raw beauty.
I've know Sarah for quite a number of years, it was only a matter of time until she was picked up by an agency. As luck would have it, I was able to photograph her for her online portfolio.

It was interesting not to have necessarily a theme or a particular set of outfits, or even make-up.
Back to basics in a sort of way.
Sarah, my camera and myself behind the lens.
It was a very relaxed day that earlier had consisted of rummaging through market stalls and eating ice-cream on my roof. (Life is a tough gig, huh.)

She will always be my favourite little possum pumpkin pie!
(da fuh!? it's an inside joke kinda thing alright.)


Thursday, 17 October 2013


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If I had to choose only one word to sum up this day it would be; effortless.
Elfy (model) from the get-go was a dream to work with. I may have made strange noises in the first moments of shooting her to try and convey my sheer happiness.
Anneke Knock is my go-to woman for Make-Up, I call her up with some weird and whacky idea and she always says YES. Yes. Time and time again she has done an... Effortless job.
Renae Bartley is the hair guru, the one time I tried to plaid my hair in this style I ended up looking like I was electrocuted and/or caught my hair in a drain.

I found the "Street Machine" T-shirt earlier that morning at Glebe Markets and I may or may not have been wearing it everyday since. With pants on though... Occasionally.
Location wise we shot at Carriage Works (Redfern) and on top of my roof in Glebe.

This day was as far as I was concerned...

Okayyyyyy... It's a no-no to the ridiculous pun. I tried. Sorry.