Monday, 18 June 2012


Everytime I find myself freezing to the point of numbness, I sometimes think, "Yep, this is EXACTLY the kind of cold Rose and Jack felt in Titanic" It's an unhealthy and very probable false thought.
Nonetheless, I always wonder.
On this particular day, I thought it over more times than I care to remember.
Though nothing could compare to what my friend Holli (babe pictured) must have felt like.

(This place has become my second home, I may be build a tent and or/find a cosy tree to live in on my regular visit's)

Y'know that feeling when you just wanna shoot people? No, I do not mean in a 'Godfather' esque type. Rather the type as a photographer, you have an idea, you have a very goodlooking friend and BAM it makes you snap happy. 
This particular gal is more than just a pretty face, she is a stylist and fashion writer with a wardrobe that would make any girl envious. (UH, have you seen her fur coats? Did i fail to mention on the morning of, Holli found herself a real fur coat left on a shopping cart next to her car. Yes. Dreams do come true)
Check her sweet self out here -

SPECIAL THANKS TO - Emily Averill and Taya Keenan for Hair, Make-up and the best company to have around in almost minus degree temperature!


Monday, 4 June 2012


I hate seafood. Don't get me wrong, I love aquariums. If I could, I would spend every minute by the sea. But seafood for dinner? Nuh uh. I'd more likely chew sand than have a poor fish swim around in my belly (impossible, I know, nonetheless it's a fear of mine). In saying that, the fish featured has been given an opportunity most only dream of, before they find themselves on a plate. His name was aptly named Fishy Fish Fish. Clever, huh.

Fishy Fish Fish had the privilege of starring in a shoot, with the band SET SAIL. Made up of some dear friends of mine, we had a ball shooting on location at Maroubra Beach. 
I could rave on and on about how much of a good vibe these fellas are, but please do yourself (and your ears) a favour, check em out. Best thing you'll do all year.


- Raaaaaah

Pee.ess fish are FRIENDS, not food.