Wednesday, 24 April 2013


 photo KINGDAVID_02-3_zpsaff3d708.jpg  photo KINGDAVIDOMG_4_zps465a9c64.jpg  photo DAVEcopy_zpsa634b312.jpg  photo KING_10_zps646e07cb.jpg  photo KINGDAVID_01_zpsf4acd218.jpg  photo KING_03_zpse9d74b40.jpg  photo KING_07_zps89c7b611.jpg

Model: Dave Ross
Location: Back alleyway of Cafe, "Me and Art" (Surry Hills)
Pineapple: Your local fruit market

There is something to be said about the people you choose to photograph.
Sometimes there are those "obvious" beauties, the classic looking guy or girl next door.
Other times there is something about an individual that besides their external features, the soul of a particular person attracts you even more so to them.
I, personally, have found that although i may find someone attractive looking it's not all that should be what defines your choice of a person to photograph. 
In saying that when you are commissioned etc, that's a total different other story. I'm coming from a place when thinking of my personal projects.
One of the nicest things i've ever been told about my photographs is that, there is spirt to them.
I hope to not just photograph a "pretty face", but to include a part of that person and myself into a photograph that tells a bit of a story. Something i will always be working towards. 
With any skill set you acquire you are obviously always ever-growing, developing and refining your craft.  
Change is not the scariest thing, staying in the same place is.
I always hear people talk about this "place" they want to aspire to, but i genuinely wonder what is this place? What happens when you finally reach it? How do you know when you have reached this place? I personally don't think there is a "place" that exists. But rather, there is no final destination that you reach as a creative or any other form of skill you have, that enables you (or that should enable you) to be fully content with everything you have achieved.
It's healthy of course to be proud of your work, easier said than done, but everytime i finish a project i'm always thinking towards the next project and how differently i can do things next time.

Always keep a childlike wonder about things and trust your instinct. 
Remember, we really, truly, always are our own worst critics. 



Monday, 15 April 2013


 photo COLLAGE_16_zpsb56b64bb.jpg  photo COLLAGE_13_zpsbbbb1891.jpg  photo COLLAGE_8_zpsbda663ad.jpg  photo COLLAGE_11_zpsb6240e64.jpg  photo COLLAGE_6_zps8a4546d9.jpg  photo COLLAGE_10_zpsbfe316a6.jpg  photo COLLAGE_1_zps3b64915a.jpg  photo COLLAGE_2_zpsd6534e0e.jpg  photo COLLAGE_12_zpse0d73051.jpg  photo COLLAGE_5_zpsbe0306ae.jpg  photo COLLAGE_3_zps469da06d.jpg  photo COLLAGE_9_zps9b67a0d6.jpg  photo COLLAGE_14_zps6831f0d0.jpg sjldkhgfakdbjnfasdjkgnfjkasbdjkgjkdfsb kfds bkv.ndfs;lkgnds;kgj sfdkjlajbdfgjdsa ksajdlfbnljkads.

I had to smash the keyboard.
It's the only way i deem appropriate to express my utter enthusiasm of this night.
Firstly, #selfieoverload. I know right? Ridic.
If there was one night I would end up in almost every second photo, it would be my 21st.
Oh that's right, it was. I really don't know how it happened. I mean... I was born.
Lived and stuff then all of a sudden, i'm freakin TWENTY ONE.
Birthday parties are kinda strange... If you think about it. People turn up to celebrate you being born.
When in reality we didn't we really do much but survive hey?
But hey look, i ain't complaining.
Have i mentioned there was a theme?
THE THEME WAS RACHELA... yours truly. (best theme ever, amiright or amiright?)
My friends turned up with pink/purple hair, a luscious black curly wig (pre-coloured hair rachela) fake moles, a guy dressed in a skirt dress and cardi, bindi's, friends who borrowed dresses and of course my two favourite charcters, Vince Noir and Howard Moon. Such dedication.
I made my face onto paddle pop sticks (naturally) and set up a photo booth of sorts and of course, the above is the outcome of such an ingenious idea. (it was suggested by a friend of mine and was the easiest thing in the whole wide world to set up!)

How do i end this? Really. I hate endings. Should i be totes cliche and say this is only the beginning of the rest of my adult life? That I'm 21 and my hair resembles that of My Little Pony? Pretty sweet life thus far.
If there was just one thing that i am very glad for, is the friends that i have. Very glad indeed.




Monday, 8 April 2013


 photo 3S9A5204_zpsaf15d75b.jpg  photo 3S9A4977_zpsc8e80a34.jpg  photo 3S9A4659_zps065f8234.jpg  photo 3S9A4815_zps9107501e.jpg  photo 3S9A4660_zps1d91f715.jpg  photo 3S9A5146_zps24abe9b2.jpg  photo 3S9A4598_zpsa584416f.jpg  photo 3S9A5185_zps115320ac.jpg  photo 3S9A5141_zps31ae746d.jpg  photo 3S9A5069_zps87a96b18.jpg  photo 3S9A5005_zps2b0800ab.jpg
 photo 3S9A4900_zps4a2df633.jpg  photo 3S9A48222_zps433e4a82.jpg
 photo 3S9A4497_zpsb73733d2.jpg  photo 3S9A4314_zps104141e8.jpg

Yeah. It's great. But so is eating a whole tub of ice-cream to yourself on a friday night.
I honestly don't know what's better, this night, or that tub of deliciousness.
So anyway, before we get to this night, there were quite a few hiccups.
Firstly, the rear cap on my lens got stuck. 
When i say stuck, i mean it literally would not budge.
(I was dying FYI)
Only a half hour before i was meant to show up for call time, 
I had raced to a repair man who after i told him my story of how i desperately 
needed it in half an hour, fixed it for free. Bless.
After i thought that whole drama was diverted, I had forgotten to place my memory card into my camera the night before. 
Yep. If there was a black hole nearby, I would have disappeared into it forever.
Oh but this is how good i am, without even realising it, (kidding) Suddenly i remembered i had left another memory card in the front of my bag. Crisis averted. Again.
Space Cadet? Obvi.

Back to the night...
I was backstage for Group Swim taking some snaps for a NZ swimwear label - Surface Too Deep and besides having been a metre away from Nicole Warne (Gary Pepper Vinatge) and tripping over dozens of leads, i still kept my cool. Kinda.

Im going to go back to my tub of gelato.