Monday, 8 April 2013


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Yeah. It's great. But so is eating a whole tub of ice-cream to yourself on a friday night.
I honestly don't know what's better, this night, or that tub of deliciousness.
So anyway, before we get to this night, there were quite a few hiccups.
Firstly, the rear cap on my lens got stuck. 
When i say stuck, i mean it literally would not budge.
(I was dying FYI)
Only a half hour before i was meant to show up for call time, 
I had raced to a repair man who after i told him my story of how i desperately 
needed it in half an hour, fixed it for free. Bless.
After i thought that whole drama was diverted, I had forgotten to place my memory card into my camera the night before. 
Yep. If there was a black hole nearby, I would have disappeared into it forever.
Oh but this is how good i am, without even realising it, (kidding) Suddenly i remembered i had left another memory card in the front of my bag. Crisis averted. Again.
Space Cadet? Obvi.

Back to the night...
I was backstage for Group Swim taking some snaps for a NZ swimwear label - Surface Too Deep and besides having been a metre away from Nicole Warne (Gary Pepper Vinatge) and tripping over dozens of leads, i still kept my cool. Kinda.

Im going to go back to my tub of gelato.


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