Monday, 15 April 2013


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I had to smash the keyboard.
It's the only way i deem appropriate to express my utter enthusiasm of this night.
Firstly, #selfieoverload. I know right? Ridic.
If there was one night I would end up in almost every second photo, it would be my 21st.
Oh that's right, it was. I really don't know how it happened. I mean... I was born.
Lived and stuff then all of a sudden, i'm freakin TWENTY ONE.
Birthday parties are kinda strange... If you think about it. People turn up to celebrate you being born.
When in reality we didn't we really do much but survive hey?
But hey look, i ain't complaining.
Have i mentioned there was a theme?
THE THEME WAS RACHELA... yours truly. (best theme ever, amiright or amiright?)
My friends turned up with pink/purple hair, a luscious black curly wig (pre-coloured hair rachela) fake moles, a guy dressed in a skirt dress and cardi, bindi's, friends who borrowed dresses and of course my two favourite charcters, Vince Noir and Howard Moon. Such dedication.
I made my face onto paddle pop sticks (naturally) and set up a photo booth of sorts and of course, the above is the outcome of such an ingenious idea. (it was suggested by a friend of mine and was the easiest thing in the whole wide world to set up!)

How do i end this? Really. I hate endings. Should i be totes cliche and say this is only the beginning of the rest of my adult life? That I'm 21 and my hair resembles that of My Little Pony? Pretty sweet life thus far.
If there was just one thing that i am very glad for, is the friends that i have. Very glad indeed.




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