Sunday, 24 March 2013


 photo 01_FLOWER_zpsd5c05457.jpg  photo 08_FLOWER_zps332d7d4e.jpg  photo 10_FLOWER_zps3040d28a.jpg  photo 03_FLOWER_zps4d55fce7.jpg  photo 07_FLOWER_zps455d16ba.jpg  photo 02_FLOWER_zps54ff82d0.jpg  photo 12_FLOWER_zpsac41ae0a.jpg  photo 14_FLOWER_zps381367bc.jpg  photo 04_FLOWER_zpsb44dbc3c.jpg  photo 13_FLOWER_zps3f7a3f80.jpg  photo 09_FLOWER_zps0fc4d599.jpg
It’s quite ridiculous to think of how many insanely talented and goodlooking friends I have.  
Like, really? Really. I’m not trying to be all snobby and whatever, im just trying to convey my sheer good luck.
This shoot was a collaboration with just a few of many creative friends of mine. 
We all also so happened to be sporting candy coloured hair. (Myself having only recently gone from a brunette to all over lilac coloured head)
So who’s, who?
We have Naomi Ulbricht (make-up artist) who made these pretty faces, fantastic.
Esther Neyenhuys (florist/model) who not only modelled her sensational troll doll orange and yellow hair, but provided the prettiest flowers you ever did see.
Jess Didonato (hairdresser/model) who made the delicious candy coloured heads of hair.
Cheryl Stevenson (model/mermaid) providing her extreme good looks.


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