Sunday, 16 June 2013


 photo MB_11_zpseea8d6f3.jpg  photo 3S9A2083_zps5a84f8cb.jpg  photo MB_09_zpsa722a7e6.jpg  photo MB_12_zpsd92a08b4.jpg  photo MB_10_zps664dbe2e.jpg  photo MB_13_zps92958a28.jpg  photo 3S9A3001_zps2587b96c.jpg  photo MB_07_zps440c2a2a.jpg  photo 3S9A2219_zpsc35f6d52.jpg  photo MB_04_zpsd4529484.jpg  photo MB_06_zps8380ad67.jpg  photo 3S9A2465_zps216079c0.jpg  photo 3S9A2543_zps090766f7.jpg  photo MB_14_zps065c6d80.jpg  photo 3S9A3722_zps546b0542.jpg  photo 3S9A3818_zpsd95344d4.jpg  photo 3S9A4191_zpsc8d0ba14.jpg  photo 3S9A4173_zpsdcb45966.jpg

I turned 21 the day these two spoke their vows.
As far as memorable days go, it won't be a day i'll be forgetting anytime soon.
It makes it even that more special when you photograph friends on their big day, I consider myself the absolute luckiest.
I don’t know where to begin to find the words to describe just how incredibly beautiful this day was, I’ll let the photographs speak for themselves.


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  1. so so beautiful, i only hope to have a wedding like this one day.
    Hope your 21st was lovely xo