Tuesday, 20 May 2014

US OF A, Part I / Nashville

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Arizona Sweet Ice-Tea. $1. 680ml of pure brown liquid sugar heaven.
I consumed this beverage almost everyday I was over in the States for a month.
Nashville had the best bloody sweet tea known to any consumer on the face of the planet.
Sugar high everyday.
First stop in the States was Nashville for a friend's wedding. Jeez, rah! What a good friend you are. 25 hours on a plane and a gazillion and one dollars later you are in another country. 25hours though!? I forgot to mention LAX was kind enough to delay me for five hours.
Y'know that feeling of getting onto a rollercoaster and stepping off and feeling like you're almost about to throw up, but not quite? Like someone reached inside your head and played tennis with your brain? That's how I feel when I'm at the airport.
Nashville. The home of Jack White, Sweet Tea, Cowboy boots and everyone wanting to be the next Johnny Cash.
It was so surreal being in another country with at least 10-12 other friends that I've known for years coming to celebrate our friends betrothal.
It was the first wedding I have attended and not worked at (photographing) in two years. Huzzah!
The wedding took place an hour out of the city, past a hick town called Lynville at a farm called Milky Way.
The dude who invented the candy bar and such things as snickers, mars bars etc made the farm back in the 1900's. Cool, huh?
Most of us arrived four-five days before the day of the wedding so we had a chance to explore.
A notable excursion took place at Third Man Records. Jack White's recording studio and a little shop  full of goodies out front. My best friend is an absolute fanatic who sadly wasn't with me to experience heaven. I bought a neat little yellow portable record player. Zing!
I'm gonna zip it now, I feel more comfortable sharing my travels through photographs... Here ya go.

P A R T  O N E  /  N A S H V I L L E

Pee.ess How good is Chik-Fil-A? Good lord almighty I miss those waffle chips. Again with the food Rah, how much did you put on? I came back needing an extra seat on the place to fit those extra bits of myself.
Just kidding.

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