Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Cara after a swim and alot of laughs.

Unsure of what was happening at this point. Poor Billy.

Matt can hold his breath underwater for a full five minutes. (Maybe)

Kaitlin and her new found (frightened) friend.

Cara listening to Matt's grandfather tell stories.

Kaitlin & Matt out on Milton Farm.

Our view before we headed to an underwater cave. Somewhere South...

Matt's Backyard. I never wanted to leave.


That time a goat tried to eat my hand. I was incredibly happy about this.

I wore these blue gummies everywhere. In amongst wedding decorations out on the porch.

On the way to the secret beach, the tree's hid the sky.

Location: Milton Farm, Ulladulla. South Coast. The best coast. The coast where I grew up. The coast with the most. In all seriousness, seriously.
I ventured down here to shoot a friends wedding on the farm on which she grew up. The day before the nuptials, the brother of the bride took a few friends who came down and I to a secret beach (I say 'secret' as my memory of where we actually went is a little hazy. Let's just roll with it.) At this 'secret' beach, he took us to an underwater cave. I wish i had captured this but in order to have done that, my camera would have ended up taking an unwanted dip in the ocean. 
Back on the farm everything was just perfect. Peaceful.
Tractors. Goats. HORSES. Endless fields of green. Nostalgia hit. Though i didn't grow up on this farm, and for now the city is home... My roots are plugged into country living. I'll never get sick of places like this. Did i mention you could see EVERY star at night? Almost to the point they were showing off at how many of them could light up the sky all at once. I'm very grateful for that.
Nuptial images coming soon!
Cheers to country livin'


  1. Great photos. Love the colours. The greens look fantastic.


    Dark Blue Stripes

  2. these photographs are beautiful! your blog is lovely


  3. oh wow, your pictures are amazing! great blog, madame! i'll stop by soon again to see if you got something new!

    love from vienna,
    xx mika

  4. Beautiful photography! Found it via your instagram. What camera do you shoot with? Beautiful work. ~Yesenia