Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Just to name a few of my favourite places.
I've ventured up here nuuuuumerous times throughout the past year.
I thought I would jam pack all of the adventures had on many posts on tumblr, onto one here.
Nothing compares the to the air you inhale whilst here. Magical.

Danny and the vast mountain ranges. November '11

One of the most interesting characters i have ever met. This man blew billows of smoke and spoke of traveling to places few tread. How could i pass up the chance to capture the likes of him? November '11

Taylor's home in amongst the trees. November '11

Leura Everglades, Garden Reception. November '11

Shooting myself. I love camera terms. June '11

Lois & Mallory. June '11

Leura Everglades & Cover for "Born Is The King" Christmas Hillsong Album. June '11

Reflection of winter tree's against a car window. June '11

Blake and his beard. June '11

One of the very first adventures up to the Blue Mountains with my new baby (Camera) On the road to Leura Everglades, March '11.

Katoomba cottage, Living Room. July '11
Katoomba Cottage, Dining room. Fit for the likes of over a dozen people. July '11

Danny & I next to the Three Sisters. November '11

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